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Two Leaves On A Tree

L, the first letter to spell
That special word, though it’s too soon to tell
Then O, comes trottin’ along
Not a care in the world, just singin’ a song
It’s V, that we all want to be
Cuddlin’ close under blankets and sheets
With E, we could be happy together
Everything’s cool when we’re with each other

Fallin’ in love love love love love
Fallin’ in love love love love love
We’re fallin’ in love

F, puts time to the test
She’s not afraid to say she liked it the best
And R, is the loudest by far
Laughing so loud, coming straight from the heart
When E, feelin’ kind of crazy
Intentions are good, but he’s misunderstood
It’s E, who always lands on his feet
Right at the end of both love and for free

Feelin’ so free free free free free
Feelin’ so free free free free free
You know my love is free

Well, I guess the end of the song
Is close to the reason why it didn’t take long to know
That it was all meant to be
I’m here for you, and you’re there for me
As one, two leaves on a tree
Up in the air with no reason to care because
We could be happy forever, everything’s cool when we’re with each other

Do What You Want

Love, is a wonderful thing
When everything happens so naturally
Truth, is a mysterious foce

The questions you ask only lead to more

Sometimes, you just need somewhere to go
And if you don’t you’ll never know

Go go go go go go do what you want
Go out and be with somebody you love
Go go go go go go do what you want
And let the sun shine through
This world plans for you

Life, is the strangest of things
It lifts you up so high, then brings you down again
Why, wouldn’t we like to know
The answers about life aren’t that simple

​Brand New Day

The wind will guide you 
When you feel you've lost your way 
The crazy things we've been through 
Will soon be hazy memories 

There's only one now 
And only one way 
You have to know it'll be ok 
When there’s clouds out, it's just soft rain 
To remind us, that tomorrow is a brand new day 

We're about to start the show 
A brand new day that's free of yesterday's lows 
We'll leave it all behind and start again 
I don't know where you think you're going 
My friend, tomorrow is a brand new day

The mountains sleep in silence 
Hidden strength they hold within 
There's nothing that can stop them 
From being what they're born to be