• 2013 Year End Show Guitar Class3:14
  • 2014 Year End Show Guitar Class3:21
  • 2012 Year End Show Guitar Class2:48

Hello and welcome to my lessons page!

About Me

I've been teaching guitar, ukulele, and drumming in Whistler since early 2008, full time since 2010. My teaching history includes Myrtle Phillip Community School 2008, Soul Funktion 2008-2009, The Vibe Dance Centre 2010-2015, Waldorf 2015-2016 (currently subbing), Whistler Secondary 2015-Present, Privates, Semi-Privates, and Group Lessons 2008-Present.

I produce worksheets, diagrams, notation, and videos for my students and give them all of the necessary components to learn the material we are working on.  I use audio, graphic design, and video editing software in order to produce game changing content for learning each song or concept.

As co-producer of The Vibe Dance Centre's highly acclaimed year end productions from 2010-2015 such as The Kingdom Of Kaldriss, The Clock Keeper's Prophecy, Small Town Secrets, Paradise Found, and many more, my students had the opportunity to perform my originally composed guitar pieces for hundreds of audience members show after show.  I wrote between 12-20 harmonized and often syncopated guitar parts for each piece, you can hear the pieces below (they are scratch recordings I did for my students to help learn).  Please keep in mind these pieces are written to be performed by a large group of beginners, they are not technically difficult or a representation of my work, these tracks are meant to be easily playable by my students.

What I Teach

Over the years I have developed teaching material for all levels, from how to count rhythms, read notation, and play chords, to chord and scale building, chord families, how to write music, and study of the seven musical modes.  Another huge part of learning guitar is practicing music written by popular artists.  We are always learning new songs as well as music theory in order to put these concepts into action.  Please contact me to inquire about music lessons, I look forward to working with you!